Gravity Serpent #2

Hi all,

We’re currently knee deep in semi-finished features, rough sketches and strained coffee, but rest assured, Gravity Serpent #2 is on its way.

Included in the upcoming issue are exclusive interviews with Keir McDonald of Medusa Cyclone and Matt Berry, the story of Dull, a history of Krautrock, a study into America’s abhorrence for a particularly vulgar word, a countdown of the best bands to have never released an album, a look into mental health, and various gallery, film, literature and music reviews.

We’ll be uploading a PDF for your viewing pleasure in due course, but if you’d actually like a hard copy, or you’d like to contribute ILLUSTRATIONS, email us at

PS –

Two versions of the same song, which do you prefer?




Gravity Serpent is expanding with the launch of our new, monthly zine publication. Titled, err, Gravity Serpent, it will include all and sundry within the realms of culture… Basically whatever interests us during the preceding month. In support of this, GS will be intensifying its online productivity, which means more content will be posted on here basically. We might even branch out into the Twitter and Facebook spheres if we’re feeling particularly cheeky one afternoon. Stick-a-cat-in-the-oven-and-call-it-Clive, how excited are you right now? VERY, I suspect.

For more information, to contribute, or to order a copy, email us at